Vision :


Mission : 
Develop practical solutions on PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT & GROWTH that add value to the customer in the most innovative, cost effective and time efficient manner.

Organizational Objectives :

  1. To provide VALUE ADDED services to our clientele to achieve organizational BUSINESS RESULTS through employees’ SKILLS DEVELOPMENT and BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION.
  2. To WORK TOGETHER on mutual collaboration with our clients to identify learning & developmental needs for the workforce to close the performance gaps/skill gaps
  3. To work on partnership basis with our clientele TO PUSH FORWARD the DESIRED BUSINESS results to ensure long term sustainability of organization to meet future demands.

 Core Values :

  • PROFESSIONALISM: At all times we act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible.
  • STRIVE: Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do.
  • GREAT TEAMWORK: Listening to and respecting stake holders whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results.

 Corporate Strategy :

To formulate and market unique learning & skill development programs towards professional development leading to PEOPLE empowerment and enhance ORGANIZATIONAL presence globally.

PSG INFOTECH Quality Policy: 

We at PSG INFOTECH are fully committed to provide VALUE ADDED and COST EFFECTIVE business solutions to our clientele to enhance employee learning & development needs. We will strive towards total Customer satisfaction via mutually beneficial collaboration with our stake holders. 
In addition, We are committed to provide high quality globally recognised & internationally acclaimed certification products and services that fulfil the customer's stated requirements and expectations.

We will continuously strive to periodically review and enhance the quality of our services and key deliverables to meet market demands.

Why did we CHOOSE this corporate strategy?

The above strategy was developed in line with the Economic Transformation Program launched by Malaysian government in 2010 towards transforming Malaysia into a high income nation by 2020. Therefore the government has launched several initiatives to boost Malaysia's global competitiveness to turn into high income nation by 2020. Some of the KEY strategic initiatives are as below:

  1. Malaysian companies MUST adopt International Standards and Best Practices in Quality & Sustainability
  2. Human Capital Development for transformation of workforce focusing on up-skilling & upgrading

In line with the above, our corporate strategy had been formulated to drive initiatives related to up-skilling our Malaysian workforce by identifying performance gaps through training needs analysis and also provide suitable & appropriate professional certification courses to meet national and global requirements.


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